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BabyShowerGames Collection

Posted by Shower games fun on June 9, 2008

75 Printable Games Collection

babyshowergames pack

MY BIG HIT: “75 Printable Games Collection” is exclusive collection packed with games (all of the games in full size & in color), ideas, tips and activities that will satisfy even the most demanding quest of your baby shower party. My baby shower went great! The games were a huge success, everyone loved them. You can print everything just from your PC (no shipping costs). I highly recommend this collection. Save your time! Click here for more details about Baby Shower Games Collection.

There is summary what will you get:

  • 75 Printable Baby Shower Games – All the individual & customize-able games you see below are included!
  • Invitation Creator – Customize and print your own invitations for baby shower!
  • Theme Party Planners – Coordinating Games with Design Tips for Decorations, Favors, Special Touches and More!
  • Best of the Web Free Printables – Invitations, Banners, NameTags, ThankYou Cards, Baby’s Own Website and More!
  • Tips, Newsletters and eBooks on Everything From Saving Money to Easy Shower Recipes
  • Includes New Babyshowergames and Updates for one year, Free!

Get 75 Printable Games Collection Here!



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Mom & Dad Animal Names

Posted by Shower games fun on May 26, 2008

Mom & Dad Animal Names

Again super shower game from animal game group Mom & Dad Animal Names. Give your guests 5 minutes to match the animal name with it’s ‘proper’ Mom and Dad names. Mom and Dad are going to be proud new parents! But what do you call Mom and Dad if you’re a baby chicken? Guests scramble to compete in this fun new name game – matching Mom & Dad’s ‘proper’ name with the correct animal. Answer key included. Perfect for kids too. How to print, play and more details about Mom & Dad Animal Names here..

Mom & Dad Animal Names

Print & Play Mom & Dad Animal Names

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Family Ties – animal babyshowergame

Posted by Shower games fun on May 26, 2008

Family Ties

Family Ties is similar to Animal Babies Match, but here you match animals to their family name. For example antelope = herd and so on. Birds of a feather flock together…but what do you call the family? Humans keep their family together in a clan, ants in a colony – but can you match other animals to their family name? Answer key included. How to play, print and more info about Family Ties here!.

Family Ties

Start printing Family Ties Here!

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Noah’s Ark – Perfect for Twins Shower

Posted by Shower games fun on May 26, 2008

Noah’s Ark

Excellent shower game especially for twins shower. Noah’s Ark is very popular at baby showers, i love this game and your quests will love it too! Noah took two of everything, but can you name 2 animals for every letter of the alphabet? Test your animal knowledge as you race against the clock. Answer key included. How to play, print and more details about Noah’s Ark here!.

Raising Baby

Print and Play Noah’s Ark Here!

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Guess Who’s Pregnant? – Animal shower game

Posted by Shower games fun on May 25, 2008

Guess Who’s Pregnant?

Another fine animal game for your baby shower party – “Guess Who’s Pregnant?”. Time to play: 7 minutes. Players: unlimited. We all know humans carry their young for 9 months before giving birth – but what about these animals? Test your pregnancy knowledge when you try to match the animal with its pregnancy length. Answer key included, of course. How to play and more info about original shower game Guess Who’s Pregnant? here!.

Guess Who's Pregnant?

Print & Play “Guess Who’s Pregnant?” Now!

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Animal Babies Match

Posted by Shower games fun on May 25, 2008

Animal Babies Match

Shower animal game Animal Babies Match is popular especially for kids. Do you know? Camel = calf, Deer = fawn…The child with the most correct answers wins. All animals have babies, but how many of us know the ‘proper’ name for the animal baby? Guests race to finish first as they match each animal name with it’s Baby name! Answer key included. How to print, play and more details about Animal Babies Match here!.

Animal Babies Match

Print Animal Babies Match…

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